Robert Pera Challenges Micheal Jordan to a Basketball Game for $1 Million


35 year-old billionaire and owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, Robert Pera, recently challenged Michael Jordan to a basketball game for $1 million. Video released of Pera doing basketball drills suggests that he is pretty good and probably one of the best among NBA team owners. Pera, who became a billionaire after his company Ubiquiti Networks became public, is probably not too worried about a $1 million hit to his wallet.

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Geronje’s IQcook – the revolution in cooking


Depend on the celebrity housewife to tell you that Gorenje evokes the ideas of superior designs, energy efficiency and accurate technological sophistication. What’s more interesting is that Gorenje lends these virtues to a special product category – home appliances. You might want to read a little about the LivingKitchen 2011, a stunner of a product from Gorenje. There are more highlights on the product catalog of this renowned luxury appliance maker. However, we plan to introduce you to the latest dash of magic that has been unleashed into the luxury appliance market – the IQcook induction hob. There are reasons … Read More

Jamie Oliver – The Million Pound Chef


Italian food, likeable social image, endearing personality – perfect ingredients for a celebrity, and that is precisely what Jamie Trevor Oliver is. Popularly known as Jamie, this man knows his cooking, and knows how to do it in style. Jamie is a much loved personality, owing to his appearances on several television shows, each related to food. Plus, this man has been in news for all good reasons, primarily his campaigns against the availability of processed foods in educational institutes. Jamie Oliver has been working to spread the message of healthy eating and better cooking for many years … Read More

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania lets you savor the Sub – Saharan Africa like never before


Four Seasons Hotels Inc. is known for providing unforgettable accommodation experiences to the most affluent and rich people on the planet. With resorts at some of the world’s most stunning locations, there is an entire population of travelers who find the pleasure of their excursions doubles with a stay at a facility of Four Seasons. The hotel giant is now gearing up for an ambitious plan in the fascinating locales of the Sub-Saharan Africa. Four Seasons has now entered into an agreement with the owners of a resort called Bilila Lodge, in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. This property will be … Read More

It Hardly Gets Any More Complex Than The Arnold & Son DBS


Depend on Arnold & Son to explore and surface out the beauty of complexity. Not many watch brands have the liberty to call themselves manufacturers; Arnold & Son is a proud maker and marketer of watches of the highest degree of sophistication and technical excellence. Swiss watch making is almost synonymous to luxury and fashion, and certainly, Arnold & Son knows a thing or two about these. The range of calibres flaunted by the brand is as amazing as any you can find in even the most high end watch stores of the world. The latest bomb that has … Read More

Presley’s Beverly Hills – the dream land up for grabs


There’s nothing that has not been said or written about the most iconic personality to have laced his boots ever – Elvis Presley. It has been 35 years since the star went into the skies, but the charisma of his life is entrenched in every mention of his name. It makes sense for us to let the name churn up adjectives like mesmerizing, endearing and stunning in your mind, whereas we stick to introducing you to the fact that the castle that was once occupied by the King of Rock and Roll is now up for sale.

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High Definition Golf Simulator lets you enjoy golf, in your den!


“I want to enjoy high quality golfing action. I can’t get out of my super luxury home in this scorching heat.” How many seconds would you need to dismiss anybody saying these lines as absurd? Not many, surely. However, Interactive Sports Technologies does not think this way. Impossible is never too difficult for the creative geniuses at Interactive Sports Technologies, who have now come up with a miracle device in the form of the High Definition Golf Simulator. It is ‘so real’ that it is ‘barely unreal enough’ to let you look forward to the real golf course!

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Francois-Xavier Lalanne’s sheep flock sculptures could amass $6 million


François-Xavier Lalanne might not be the most renowned name in the world, but those who know the world of art are definitely going to read on with craze. And even for those who do not yet know about this tremendous sculptor, there is all the more reason to read about one of this special creations. François-Xavier Lalanne is known as a lot more than just a great sculptor. The man is a brand in himself, and respected in even the most well informed art quarters of the world for having invented sculpturing of surrealistic animals. This French artist spent … Read More

Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 2499 Watch Could Fetch $4.3 million


Eric Clapton has recently been in the news for a lot more than just his iconic music pieces. The living legend set some serious waves in the auctions’ market by offering the ‘Abstraktes Bild’, a painting as respected as this three time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. The painting has been made by Gergard Richter, and was auctioned off at $20 mn, a price that is as many as 20 times the one that was paid originally for the piece of art. However, we are focusing on the recent news of Eric Clapton offering his Patek Philippe 2499 time … Read More

LVMH opens hotel White 1921 to Provide Luxurious Accommodation to its Brand Loyalists


Louis Vuitton – Moët Hennessy, the LVHM group, is synonymous with prestige and fashion. It would not be wrong to tag Louis Vuitton as the leader in the pack of luxury offerings, with the group owning over 5 dozen luxury brands. The elite clientele of LVHM is all set to enjoy another scintillating experience of nothing but sheer luxury, and that is because the White 1921 is now spreading its carpets. This hotel is situated right in the heart of Saint-Tropez, and is in the place of what used to be Maison Blanche. This certainly is not the first … Read More