Aura Diamante Fountain Pen – Green Scriptures of Money


Luxury is one of those elements that just can’t be defined by putting a specific category to it. Ranging from luxury cars, luxury yachts or luxury pens, those with fat bank balances have the freedom of inking deals with these possessions. For the real connoisseurs of art and luxury itself, fine writing instruments have for a long time been quite an attractive acquisition and hence millions of dollars are spent each year in auctions and private sales, when it comes to most expensive pens.

From one of the finest makers of luxury writing instruments, Italy based Aurora, comes the most expensive pen called Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen. The magnificent fountain pen is said to the first and only 30 carat pen in the world and features 2,000 diamond encrusted throughout its body. Furthermore, to ensure bespoke elegance, the Diamante comes with a gold nib, while demanding a big hole in your pocket as it costs $1,470,600. Primarily because of such a high price tag and the plethora of precious gems, Aurora has planned to craft only one such pen year, thereby preserving exclusivity.

It was in 1919 that the company showed that it was able to produce writing instruments with inimitable allure and refinement. A unique style which, following the evolution of taste, yesterday as today, brought together experience, technique, precious materials and artisan skill and refinement. Having earned the appreciation of admirers round the world, the trademark represented forms and materials which, from the beginning, were tangible examples of the most refined made in Italy products.

Every pen is a fixed point, a reference for future generations. An object dedicated to those who know how to love time and are its masters.

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