Manchester United – the most valuable football club of the world


Football is more than a sports; it is a mania. Not surprisingly, manias quickly transform into great market places where transactions of millions and zillions of dollars take place. International sports clubs have a history of carrying bulky price tags, and football sport clubs are no different. Professional football clubs carry unearthly monetary figures in their balance sheets, and those associated with Manchester United know a thing or two about stratospheric cash entries! The Red Devils are followed by complete armies of fans all across the globe. These Red Devils now have the right to flaunt their ‘most valuable sports team in the world’ tag as well! Estimated at an unreal $1.86 billion, Manchester United is one green investment for the Glazer family who made the news in 2005 by purchasing the club at £790m.

It would not be an overstatement to regard Manchester United as a global brand rather than a football team. Undoubtedly, it is not usual for sports teams to have hundreds of millions of worldwide supporters. Manchester United has the backing of more than 300 million hearts globally! Of course, the 9.5 million Facebook fans too help the count. The commercial revenues are running an economic marathon of their own, clocking a growing figure that would pass the current levels of $122 millions considering the sustained and projected double digit growth rates. The deal with Turkish Airlines will also provide more than a metaphorical impetus to the cash recordings. They might as well be loved as the Red Devils, but they surely bleed green when it comes to the monetary aspect of the game.

Love the lights and glamour of everyhting that the rich of this world have to flaunt. There' something almost humurous about the antics of the ultra rich, and my posts here are an endeavor to share few smiles with you, of course, in the backdrop of extreme richness.

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