Paris Hilton – The Heiress of Hilton Group


Paris Hilton, the millionaire (having a net worth of $100 million) truly represents the life of a young woman who has all the riches in this world to lead a super luxurious life. She has a huge fan following, and she has subsequently utilized has popularity to launch range of products like perfumes, handbags, and other accessories. She has many business enterprises, most noted among them are designer label clothes and accessories for the rich and famous. Keeping in view her reputation as a party animal, this socialite has been known for lending her name to chain of night clubs called Club Paris.

Paris Hilton is a part of a real estate business called Century Properties. Paris is also featured on the cover of Variety magazine and titled as a “million dollar entrepreneur” by this popular media.

Paris has been rightly been voted as one of the most viewed style icons on the internet. She developed a reputation of being as a socialite in New York social circles. This sexy model has been in the news for carrying around her pet named Tinkerbell, a female Chihuahua in her bag. She has been reported to be obsessed with small breed of dogs! “Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose”, an autobiography by Paris Hilton, was released in 2004 and gained its status as the New York Times bestseller list. Paris Hilton is beautiful, rich and famous and she has utilized every bit of her talent to achieve stardom.


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