Rare sculpture of Buddha for sale


A rare sculpture of King Buddha and a miniature painting from the Mughal period is up for auction at the Saffronart’s Indian Antiques & Miniature Paintings auction next week. Around 55 items from the ancient times are up for grabs at this auction. But the most wanted item among the lot is the sculpture of King Buddha which we are talking about.

The sculpture which was obtained from Nalanda in India has been believed to depict his first sermon. Estimated to have been created during the early reign of Pala Dynasty, the sculpture marks an important event in the time-line of King Buddha. The sculpture is expected to fetch a sum between US$16,000 and US$19,000.

The auction also features a selection of miniature paintings in the most sought after styles, including works from the Mughal, Bikaner, Deccan, Jaipur, and Jodhpur schools. The total lower and higher estimates for this auction are US$26,000  and US$30,0000 respectively.

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