Smoking is Expensive! – Gurkha Black Dragon Cigars


With a name like “Black Dragon,” you know this guy is good. And with a price tag of $1,150, it better be. A peaty and leathery cigar from Gurkha, Black Dragon is an exclusive Honduran blend made from select fillers, which creates a rich cigar with a medium body.

For years, Gurkha has been known as the “Rolls Royce” of the cigar industry. Its reputation stems from unique blends of rare tobaccos hand crafted by the world’s foremost rollers. ‘Black Dragon’ is no exception, made from the most expensive cognac and premium tobacco. Once the cigars are rolled, they then undergo a unique infusion process that involves an entire bottle of Louis XIII Cognac. This infusion process is very unique in that it does not take away from the tobacco flavor of the aged leaves, but rather complements them in grand fashion.

The Black Dragon story began in 2006 when it hit the market with the hefty price tag of $1,150.00 per cigar, the most expensive cigar ever made. Only 5 hand-carved camel bone boxes of 100 cigars were produced, making this stick very, very limited. The blend included extremely old and rare tobaccos collected from all corners of the world. To make the Black Dragon more accessible to cigar enthusiasts throughout the world, a new version was recently released in 2007.

The current Black Dragon production line is a lot less exclusive, but when this guy was introduced in 2006, it was a much hotter property. Only five boxes were produced, with each cigar containing a blend of tobacco from all over the world. It’s unknown if Gurkha ever actually sold one of the five boxes, considering each one would run you $115,000, but in my dreams I bought all five.

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