Villa la Leopolda – spectacular and stunning


Located on one of the most exotic destinations on the planet, Villa La Leopolda ranks amongst the most spectacular residential complexes in the world and is a place fit for a king. And with the house boasting of former owners like the world’s richest man, Bill Gates or Football Mogul Roman Abramovitch, you know this is no ordinary villa. Valued at an astounding 500 Million dollars, the Villa La Leopolda is situated in Nice, right in the middle of the mesmerizing French Riviera. Amongst its manifold attractions are gorgeous weather, awe inspiring scenery and over eleven acres of pure French natural beauty to die for overlooking a stunning view of the French countryside and lawns which take fifty gardeners to tend to it.

However, what sets it apart from other luxuriously upholstered houses dotting other sites of the globe is the truly unique character it possesses and the special place it holds in popular culture. Declared a historical monument by the Government of France, it invokes the style of the Belle Epoque. It was originally built by King Leopold the Second of Belgium who made a present of it to his mistress. The current architecture of the house dates back to 1931.

Anyone who sets foot at Villa La Leopolda is assured to be experiencing a piece of history. Possibly that is why Alfred Hitchcock used the building as a set for his 1955 classic, To Catch a Thief. This is one piece of real estate that will stay with you forever.

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