A cocktail of style and diamonds – the ultra expensive cocktail dress


You’ve surely heard about expensive dresses. A gown for a million, a hat for half a million, a glove auctioned at a couple of millions, you can hardly count such stories. However, what we are about to bring to you is a story that deserves your attention and appreciation. Cocktail dressing is something that the rich class takes very seriously. Just the right amount of style and sensuality goes into creating the perfect wearable recipe for the high class cocktail party. We are talking about the $15 million cocktail dress made from diamonds.

The American Gen Society’s Conclave Fashion Show of 2012 saw in amazement as a black cocktail dress from designers Chloe and Reese was unveiled. The dress boats of several 3 carat round diamonds, each certified by the Gemological Institute of America. The sleeves and the back of the dress also enjoy four and seven diamonds respectively. The black base of this cocktail dress further accentuates the shimmer of the diamonds. A mere glimpse of a beautiful model wearing the said cocktail dress was enough to set the audience in a frenzy of bewilderment. The idea of creating such a masterpiece originated in the desire of Tov International to create an absolutely unique garment. Chloe and Reese got the opportunity to create this marvel despite Ney York being home to hundreds of internationally acclaimed designers. Despite the fact that the $15 million price tag puts this dress beyond the reach of the common man, there is still no dearth of interested takers for this diamond studded dress. The richest ladies of the world would love to get their hands on this fantastic apparel so that they become the centre of attraction in the high profile cocktail parties they attend every second weekend.

Love the lights and glamour of everyhting that the rich of this world have to flaunt. There' something almost humurous about the antics of the ultra rich, and my posts here are an endeavor to share few smiles with you, of course, in the backdrop of extreme richness.

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