Pasion Azteca – certified super expensive tequila


There’s something about liquor that makes ‘expensive’ sound more special. There is something unique and fascinating about the race among liquor makers to create something with the ‘in the list of most expensive’ tag. Tequila is not one to fall behind in such a race. We introduce you to one of world’s most expensive Tequilas in this article, a bottle that has gone to the hands of a private collector after an exchange of $225,000. The gold and platinum bottle of this Tequila Ley is a sight to behold and cherish. A lengthy process of six years in which sap of the blue agave plant is processed to create Pasion Azteca tequila is undertaken before the bottle becomes ready to accommodate the expensive liquid.

The makers of this tequila are acclaimed as sheer connoisseurs of class. The unconventional bottle designs are just a part of the buzz about the company. In fact, a significant portion of the price is credited to the bottle rather than what it holds inside. Something as exclusive and as royal as this bottle of tequila is surely going to land the owner among the most talked about liquor collectors of the world. The pure platinum and gold bottle is a thing of beauty indeed. Of course, the diamonds studded on the bottle add to the class and price.

The bottle resembles something like a barbed sea shell. The alluring design adds to the sense of enigma about the bottle. Mexican genius Alejandro Gomez Oropeza is the man behind this captivating bottle’s design. Surely, even a single sip of this expensive tequila is bound to send the taster into a paradise of ecstasy. This hangover is something one would never want to end.

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