Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 2499 Watch Could Fetch $4.3 million


Eric Clapton has recently been in the news for a lot more than just his iconic music pieces. The living legend set some serious waves in the auctions’ market by offering the ‘Abstraktes Bild’, a painting as respected as this three time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer. The painting has been made by Gergard Richter, and was auctioned off at $20 mn, a price that is as many as 20 times the one that was paid originally for the piece of art. However, we are focusing on the recent news of Eric Clapton offering his Patek Philippe 2499 time piece. There is one extremely fascinating thing about this timepiece – it is unbelievably unique and ultra rare! In fact, there is just one more such time piece in this world, and only Eric Clapton’s Patek Philippe 2499 is open for sale.

The auction where this amazing time piece is set to be sold off will take place on November 12 at the Christie’s Geneva Sale, in the Four Seasons Hotel. According to estimates, this watch could muster anything close to $4.3 mn. This sale is going to host some other gems, such as the 76 carat Archduke Joseph Diamond named Golconda. Anyways, here is more on the Patek Philippe – it is classy, it flaunts its mechanical complexity and built sophistication, and it is a style statement that is unmatched in the world of fashion. Of course, rock lovers who happen to be rocking in their bank balances would not mind to pitch their bids for this brilliant time piece, especially when it comes from the care of the contemporary Rock messiah – Eric Clapton. Here’s a little more on the Patek Philippe model. It was launched way back in 1951. Over the next 35 years, a total of 349 pieces were produced. Only 2 pieces were cased in platinum. One of these adds glory to the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva and the other one is not going on sale.

Love the lights and glamour of everyhting that the rich of this world have to flaunt. There' something almost humurous about the antics of the ultra rich, and my posts here are an endeavor to share few smiles with you, of course, in the backdrop of extreme richness.

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  1. Catherine Steele says:

    There are only two known Platinum versions of the watch that Eric bought. The other one is in the Patek Philippe museum, making this one the only one in the world in private hands!!!

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