High Definition Golf Simulator lets you enjoy golf, in your den!


“I want to enjoy high quality golfing action. I can’t get out of my super luxury home in this scorching heat.” How many seconds would you need to dismiss anybody saying these lines as absurd? Not many, surely. However, Interactive Sports Technologies does not think this way. Impossible is never too difficult for the creative geniuses at Interactive Sports Technologies, who have now come up with a miracle device in the form of the High Definition Golf Simulator. It is ‘so real’ that it is ‘barely unreal enough’ to let you look forward to the real golf course!

The wraparound screen of this simulator presents a terrifically wide field of view. Depend on the ultra high resolution graphics to recreate the ideal golf setting for you in the living area of the castle you call home. Though this is not the first golf simulator to hit this unique market segment, but it certainly is among the most technologically precise and loaded ones. The tracking and measurement systems that translate yore movements to on screen action are so sophisticated that you would not be allowed to blame the inaccuracy of technology when you mistime your strokes. The simulator doubles up as a home theatre, so there is no value missing anywhere. The screen resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels combines wonderfully well with the 16:9 aspect ratio, the result of which is a life like display on the mega screen. Did we mention the touch screen facility? The world’ most famous championship courses are all compressed and laid out in your home, courtesy the High Definition Golf Simulator from Interactive Sports Technologies.

Love the lights and glamour of everyhting that the rich of this world have to flaunt. There' something almost humurous about the antics of the ultra rich, and my posts here are an endeavor to share few smiles with you, of course, in the backdrop of extreme richness.

2 Comments on "High Definition Golf Simulator lets you enjoy golf, in your den!"

  1. Luxury Life says:

    If I could play the world’s most famous championship golf courses in High Definition i would never leave the house! Great post, love this house.

    • Bogolf says:

      You can play almost all the popular golf courses on these high definition simulators. The courses are built exactly same as the real golf course using various images and maps of courses so that you can get the real experience.

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